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  • The Tradition of Pilgrimage And Worship of the "Blue Spring" is practiced during the national holiday of Makaviej (Maccabees), also known as the Savior of the Honey Feast Day, and it is linked to the veneration of the Holy Cross, Our Lady and the Holy Martyrs, seven Maccabees brothers. The celebration, which is annually held on August 14, attracts almost all the people of different ages and social groups, who live in the nearby villages of Slaŭharad District and Slaŭharad, the district center. On this day over one thousand years, the residents of the Prysožža, the areas of Mahilioŭ and Homeĺ Regions along the Sož River, as well as the adjacent areas of Russia and Ukraine (Smalensk, Bransk and Čarnihaŭ Regions) have been coming to the sacred "Blue Spring" to get some water from the baptismal font of their ancestors. People, who come to take part in the festivities, join the Cross Procession, the prayer, the ceremony of consecration of spring water, and bathing in it. The priests baptize young children and adults. The celebration finishes with visiting and worshiping the consecrated ancient boulders resting on the natural glade near the spring. The spring itself is a natural object of special interest. Its water’s temperature is constant - +8ºC (46.4F): it does not freeze in the winter and does not get warm in the summer